Captain Ben also known as Long Ben One Leg, is a fictional character from the Goosebumps child's book by
Goosebumps Catain Ben
R.L.Stine. He is a very cruel and evil villain like Slappy The Dummy, but he isn't a joker like him. He is the captain of The Scarlet Ship, a pirate ship owned by him. He is the captain of the pirate ship and he was once a human being. He is a zombie who will kill someone that disturbs him and his henchmen in the sea. He is one of Billy Deep's, Sheena Deep's, and Dr. Deep's enemy from Goosebumps Horrorland Creep from the Deep. He is a zombie as said here and also his henchmen. He is a rude pirate that he will kill invaders or a henchmen of his in a tub of hungry rats and he will enjoy the show while the person was suffering from the bites, and then ate by the hungry rats. 

This villain has appeared in less books like Creep from the Deep, Escape from Horrorland, and The Streets of Panic Park.

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