Goosebumps Series 2000 Cry of the Cat
Rip, also known as Rip The Cat is a fictional character from the Goosebumps child's books by R.L.Stine. Rip is an undead cat, well he was one of the graveyard cats. He is the main antagonist of Goosebumps Series 2000 Cry of the Cat. He is the archenemy of Allison, who Rip wants her human source and because she crashed him with her bike accidently. He is a monstrous cat that was turned into a monster cat because of a scientific experiment of Crystal's mother.

Origins Edit

Little is known about Rip. It is unknown who was his owner or anything else about his life. Little was revealed in the TV series. Crystal's mother, who is a scientist, years ago there was a new virus, well a new sickness. Then she was looking for a cure to that sickness. She made a scientific experiment in which involved cats. She used dead Graveyard Cats from a Graveyard that was for pets. Then everything failed, even the last one, which was Rip. Rip later turned into a monstrous cat and the other cats, well the spirits of the other cats, turned into Rip's slaves and then Rip started to get hungry, hungry for human source. So then he wanted Crystal to be his "living scratch post". But then Crystal's mother made a deal with Rip. She told him to steal her human source. Then her human source ran out and she was now a half-cat creature. Then Rip wanted human source, then he found it from his next victim, Allison.

Trivia Edit

  • According to the TV series in Rip's tombstone, Rip was born in the year of 1981, and died in the year of 1993.
  • According to the year he was born and died from his tombstone, he must had been 11 or 12 when he died.
  • If Rip was 11 or 12, he must had died from an illness or possibly one of the victims of the new virus, which might be why Crystal's mother choose him as one of the cats for her scientific experiment.
  • According to the TV series when Allison crashed Rip with her bike, Rip must had been an orange cat, because if you see the bike's wheel, there a ball of fur that was colored orange.
  • If Rip had hair and he was an orange cat, it doesn't means that he is a Sphynx cat, which is a hairless cat.
  • In the TV series when there were explosions on Rip's tomb, in the last explosion, there is a figure of his appearance; which was brown, hairless, sharp teeth, big ears, big mouth, and scrawny body.