The Evil Camera is a fictional character from the Goosebumps child's book by R.L.Stine. This is a camera created
Goosebumps The Evil Camera
by a man named Dr. Fritz Fredericks, also known as Spidey. This is a camera that appears in Goosebumps Say Cheese and Die!, Say Cheese and Dies - Again!, and Goosebumps Horrorland Say Cheese - and Die Screaming! It is known for its exclusively negative function, in which it alters the future to a bad occurrence, incorporating elements its flash exposes into this new event. On occasions, it creates an event which kills one or more humans (so far it has only been humans) and absorbs their souls. It was sometimes mistaken by the main character or any other character that sees it or uses it, thinks is normal, until they take a picture that changes sometime that will happen in the future.

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