The Haunted Mask is a fictional character from Goosebumps child's books by R.L.Stine. His is a very dangerous
Goosebumps The Haunted Mask
and evil villain. Is a mask that can come to life, but without any chant or nothing, it is alive. He was created along with other masks like that one, known as the Unloved Ones because of what they are like and their origin. It is known when someone wears the mask, the mask will control its victim and then the victim will sometimes die, like some people in the series, but not its survivor, Carly Beth. His story has been revealed in the books he appears in. The only books and TV series he appears in are The Haunted Mask, The Haunted Mask II, The Haunted Mask Lives!, The Scream of the Haunted Mask, Escape from Horrorland, The Streets of Panic Park, and The Haunted Mask (Wanted). This villain has appeared in books and TV series of Goosebumps like Slappy The Dummy, but has least appearances than Slappy. He is one of Goosebumps' favorite villains, but he isn't the top one favorite villain. His voice is unknown, but it must be the same character who wears it, but the directors change the voice into a creepy voice.

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